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The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition

Published by McGraw-Hill Education in July 2019

Forward by Jim Jeffries

Founder, M&A Leadership Council

"....I am excited about this.  I may be dating myself, but the third edition was my bible when I got started in M&A."

-- Anthony Enlow, CPA, MBA, CMAS"

The definitive guide to every facet of the M&A deal -- the most trusted resource for practitioners of all levels
Available now at your local bookstore, Amazon, and
Barnes & Noble 

Panel and Book Signing on   August 22, 2019 at Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue, New York City

We thank the BN team, the McGraw-Hill Education editors and more than 50 contributors / acknowledged experts, and their friends and family who attended. Video of event is on YouTube, courtesy of the M&A Leadership Council.

Listen to experts Pamela A. Harper, D. Scott Harper, and Alexandra Lajoux in Growth Igniters Radio: “How the Art of M&A Strategy is Changing: What Top Leadership Needs to Know"

Experts acknowledged in The Art of M&A, Fifth Edition 

Clark R. Abrahams


Mike Adhikari, MBA, CMAA 

Gerald Adolph

Roger Aguinaldo

Jeff Anapolsky

Dr. David Anderson

Vladimir Antikarov 

Dr. Urmi Ashar 

Ken August, Esq.

Howard Bailen

Rob Baker

Thomas Bakewell 

Brian G. Barnier

John Bender, CMAS

Dennis Beresford

Dr. Sanjai Bhagat 

Bill Blandford, BMAS, CMAS 

Board of M&A Standards (BMAS)

Hank Boerner

Christopher Brown

David A. Brown

Howard Brod Brownstein 

Dr. Robert Bruner

Francis H. Byrd 

Hon. Carlos C. Campbell 

Ginny Carroll

Paul W. Chan 

Dr. Solange Charas 

Douglas Chia

John Christman, BMAS, CMAS

John Collard 

Dr. Jacques Cory 

Dr. John Coughlan 

Marty Coyne 


Ken Daly 


Larry Dell 


Donya Dickerson


Dr. Nina Dixon


April Thurmond Dumas 


Mike Dunnick


Charles M. Elson, Esq. 


Anthony Enlow, CPA, MBA, BMAS, CMAS

Adam J. Epstein 


Fay Feeney 


Robert D. Ferris 

Dr. Bruce Fleming, BMAS, CMAS

Melissa Foster Follis

Martin Ginsberg, Esq. (1932-2010)

Peter R. Gleason


Dan L. Goldwasser, Esq.


Allan Grafman

Len Gray, BMAS, CMAS

Holly Gregory, Esq.

Pamela S. Harper

James Hatch

Debra Sabbatini Henley

Mark Herndon, CMAS

Ken Hoganson

Michele Hooper

John Hotta, MBA

Cal Hunter

Jim Jeffries, BMAS, CMAS 

Stephen Jordan

Dr. Dana Kaminstein

Dr. Reatha Clark King

Michael J. Kliegman, Esq.


Nitin Kumar, CMAA, CMAS, CDDP, iCEO, CMC 


Dr. Christopher Kummer

Alexandra R. Lajoux, PhD, MBA, BMAS, CMAS


James Lam 


Greg Lau 

Lew Lederman, Q.C.


Jennifer Lee, MBA, BMAS, CMAS 


Rocky Lee, Esq. 


Jack S. Levin, Esq.

Amy Li

Ka-Yin Li, Esq. 

Mike Lovdal

Jon Lukomnik

Gary Lutin

Jon J. Masters, Esq.

Dan Menge, BMAS, CMAS


M&A Leadership Council

Deborah Hicks Midanek

Erika Millen

Ira M. Millstein, Esq.

Robert A. G. Monks

Lester A. Myers, PhD, JD, CPA, CFF, CGMA 

Michael Nall, CPA, CM&AA, CGMA 


John Nash

H. Peter Nesvold

Cary Nicholson

Diane Niederman


Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez


John F. Olson, Esq. 

Edith Orenstein

Ellen Owens Karcsay, BMAS, CMAS

Gene Panasenko

Wendy Parkes, BMAS. CMAS

Richard Peterson

Francis G.X. Pileggi, Esq.


Michael Pocalyko 

Jeffrey Possinger, Esq.

Jack Prouty, CMAS

Shep Pryor 

Dr. Roger Raber (1943-2017)

Dr. Sri Ramamoorti 

Dr. Alfred Rappaport

Charles Re Corr

James Reda 

Stanley Foster Reed (1917-2007)

Van Kirk Reeves, Esq.

Sue Rider, BMAS, CMAS

Mark Righter

Anthony Riha

Dennis Roberts 

Raoul Schuddeboom

Noah Schwartzberg

Matthew Scott

Dean Shaw

Hal Shear

Brendan Sheehan

Chris Smith

Dr. Ernie Smith 

Dr. Ken Smith

Stewart Smith

Frank Sonnenberg

John Stout, Esq. 


Dr. Heath P. Tarbert


Dr. Larry Taylor 

Marti Tirinnanzi 

Riccardo Trigona 

Peet van Biljon 

Gabe Shawn Varges, MA, JD 

Hon. E. Norman Veasey


Dr. J. Fred Weston (1916-2009)

Craig O. White, Esq. 

Stephen B. Young, Esq.

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